Engineer3d can provide a model building service to architectural companies. Using 3D printing instead of the traditional model making can provide significant cost saving and turnaround times.

3D models can be created from architectural files that Engineer3D can convert into a 3D printable file.

Engineer3D print in high performance composite powder. This material has the advantage of having high feature definition, vibrant colours, good dimensional accuracy and great strength once processed with epoxy infiltrate

Engineer3D can also provide plastic printed models using PLA, Flexible, ABS and dissolvable filament.

Other materials can be requested and Engineer3D will facilitate the printing of the models through a third party.

  • A minimum tolerance of 0.1mm for any feature of the design should be incorporated into any design. This means that any feature that would be less than 0.1mm would need to be thickened in order that the 3D printing process would produce a stable model.
  • The model can be printing in a full spectrum of vibrant colours.
  • Model can be of any dimensions as our print process allows for component models to be assembled into a single model.
  • Our price is AUD$1.20/cm3 (We do offer 20% discount for students).
  • Shipping - Engineer3D uses Australia Post regular parcel service.


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